Choosing a Variable DC Power Supply


Guaranteed the best price, fast shipping, and friendly service. Established in 1985, Mastech has over three decades of design and manufacturing knowledge in the field of regulated variable DC power supplies. We offer a large selection of variable regulated DC Power Supplies, which are also called benchtop power supplies, Lab DC Power Supplies, regulated DC power supplies, adjustable DC power supplies, etc.. 


There are two main designs for variable regulated DC power supplies: Linear DC Power Supply and Switching DC Power SupplyLinear DC power supplies have exceptionally low ripple but tend to be heavy and less efficient, while switching DC power supplies have very high power efficency, and good noise and ripple performance for most of applications. Currently we only make linear DC power supplies with output below 20A. Typical applications for linear DC power supplies include studio mixer/audio amplifiers, lower noise amplifiers, etc.; typical applications for switching DC power supplies include industrial and scientific research, product manufacturing and testing, electroplating, electroforming, DC motors, aviation and marine applications, etc., check here for comparison of switching and linear DC power supplies.


You can also choose a DC power supply based on maximum voltage output, which ranges from 15V18V30V50V75V100V200V, to 300V ; or by maximum current output, which ranges from 3A5A6A10A20A30A50A100A200A500A, to 1000A. 


Choosing power supplies by special applications:

DC power supply for communications equipment

Slot car power supplies

Plating and Anodizing Power Supply

Power Supply for Charging Lithium Battery

Power Supply for DC Motors, Aviation and Marine applications


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