How to Select a DC Power Supply?


When electing a dc power supply, the user should determine the dc output voltage and current desired, and verify the ac input voltage available at the user facility (typically 120VAC in North America, with 208VAC or 240VAC also available in some commercial facilities).

Selecting a dc power supply by maximum output voltage: 15V18V30V50V75V100V200V, to 300V ;

Selecting a dc power supply by maximum output curretn: 3A5A6A10A20A30A50A100A200A500A, to 1000A. 

Selecting a dc power supply by type: Linear DC Power Supply or Switching DC Power Supply What are the differences between switching and linear DC power supplies? 


Choosing a power supply by special applications:

Audio applications

DC power supply for communications equipment

Slot car power supplies

Plating and Anodizing Power Supply

Power Supply for Charging Lithium Battery

Power Supply for DC Motors, Aviation and Marine applications


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