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DC Power Supply

There are two main designs for the Mastech variable power supplies: Linear Power Supply and Switching Power Supply. All of our models are regulated variable DC power supplies, which can be used for general scientific and engineering applications, bench top testing, circuit board testing, repair shops, advanced battery charging including fast charging A123 battery, electroplating, fuel cell applications, anodizing, electrolysis, hydrogen generator, DC motors, slot cars, etc.

Please note that our power supplies are not suitable for pulsed or rapidly switched operations, as they are designed to keep output very smooth and constant.

Choosing power supplies by construction methods:

Linear Power Supply HY3003D-3
Switching Power Supply HY3020E
Typical applications include:
  • low noise amplifiers
  • signal processing
  • data acquisition - including sensors, multiplexers, A/D converters, and sample & hold circuits.
  • automatic test equipment
  • laboratory test equipment
  • control circuits
  • anywhere that excellent regulation and/or low ripple is required

Typical applications include:

  • general purpose use
  • high power / high current applications
  • as electroplating and anodizing rectifiers
  • Battery charging for Lithium Polymer (LiPo), Lithium Ion, Lithium Manganese, A123 (LiFePO4), NiCd, NiMH, Lead Acid batteries (Flooded, Gel, AGM, SLA), etc. (make sure to order the "EX" models)
  •  electrolysis, hydrogen generator, fuel cell etc. (make sure to order the "EX" models)
  •  DC motors, slot cars, aviation applications, etc. (make sure to order the "EX" models)
  • LED and solar cell testing (make sure to order the "EX" models)
  • small size & light weight
  • long hold-up time
  • high efficiency
  • Power Factor Correction
  • wide input range
  • digital circuits

Choosing power supplies by special applications:

Switching Power Supply HY3050EX
Switching Power Supply HY3050EX

Please Note: we have recently re-branded some of the models into our exclusive brand VOLTEQ, this re-branding is our attempt to differentiate product features and avoid confusion, and does not in any way affect how we manufacture our products, so you will continue to receive our quality products and dependable service.

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