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Volteq 5KVA is a variable transformer or Variac with single phase 110V AC input, 50/60 Hz, output voltage can be adjusted from 0 to 250V AC. Maximum power rating is 5000 VA, maximum current is 20 Amps at 250V output. 

Note: this is a very heavy unit and occasionally (less than 5% of times) gets damaged during shipping. When this occurs, we will send replacement parts to repair it instead of shipping it back and forth. Replacing the parts usually takes only a few minutes. If you do not agree with this, please do not order.

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Features & Specifications:

Input: 110V AC/ 50 or 60 Hz

Output: 0-250V AC

Maximum power output: 5000 VA

Maximum current output: 20 Amps (@250V)

Net Weight: 44 lbs

Dimension: 11.8" X 13.4" X 14.6"

Warranty: 1 year

5KVA Variac
5KVA Variac

Product Code: 5KVA-110V/250V

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